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Needle felting is the art of forming a sculpture by jabbing at raw wool with special barbed needles....over and over! As the wool is jabbed with these needles , it "grabs" onto itself (because wool fibers have natural barbs on them, they will "felt" together when they are compressed together in this manner.) And thus the art of "needle felting" is accomplished. Most of the "critters" that I do are fairly small, ranging in size from perhaps four inches up to maybe twelve inches at the most, and yes, it DOES take a long time, anywhere from four hours to two or three days or even longer. When you purchase a critter from me, you are paying for more than the cost of the wool, you are paying not for just  product but for the care and effort which is put into the creation of the product. Each "critter" is unique and original and one of a kind, a work of art and will surely bring comfort and joy into your surroundings.

Working with pure wool is a very satisfying craft, the completed figures are so soft, lightweight and lovable as well. For memories of your pets long gone or wonderful additions to your memorabilia of your favorite dog breeds, needle felted critters are a fabulous idea. I will gladly do custom "portraits" in this 3D medium, just contact me.

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